Corby By Election Candidate Adam Lotun

Help put Adam into Parliament at the Corby By-Election – “For common sense and the protection of us all…..”

“To the people of Corby, I have a simple message for you all. You have been given the opportunity to send a message to Parliament what real people want and need, and not be told by career politicians and advisers who have no idea of what is needed by honest people trying to make ends meet to keep a roof over your heads and put food on the table. Together we can  make those changes we need that will have the right impact in your local communities and also influence National issues where your voices count. Changes that are based on common sense approaches and offer protection for you and the people you stand shoulder to shoulder with every day in everything that you do”

Adam Lotun, Independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Adam speaking to Channel 4 News

Adam Lotun, Corby By Election Parliamentary Candidate